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Concept, Brand and Product Strategy

Are you struggling to keep your fashion brand strategy, concepts and product direction in line with market needs? Do you feel like your brand direction and your collections have strayed apart? As a fashion business consultancy, we have been helping established and well-known brands, as well as successful start-ups, in the UK and European markets review and improve their concepts, brands, and product strategies for over 20 years.


Our results-focused approach can be a great catalyst for growth, as it allows us to focus on the specific areas of your business that need the most attention. We also believe in a people-focused approach, as investing in your team and helping them reach their full potential can have long-lasting benefits for your business.


Whether you are a small, established business or a large enterprise, our experienced team is ready to work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy that meets your specific needs and goals. We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner for our clients, and we are committed to helping you achieve success.


If you are ready to take your fashion brand strategy to the next level, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a consultative strategy session. Our team is standing by, ready to help you overcome any challenges and succeed.

Craft and align the concept, brand and product strategies for your fashion business.

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Not sure if this service covers everything you need?

If you are unsure if our concept and fashion brand strategy related services would be exactly what you need, our D.O.C.S. review may be a great start. This quick but comprehensive review looks at the business Directional, Operational, Commercial, and Sustainability status and the ability to deliver the current strategies. The result should highlight where improvements may be needed and would bring the most value. You can then use that information to make decisions internally or with our guidance.

What is a D.O.C.S. Review?

Just some of the clients that our team already had the pleasure of working with:

Belstaff is a Conceptable fashion business transformation client
River Island is actively progressing its development, buying and production capabilities with support from Conceptable
The OKA product and technology teams have been supported throughout their growth
Conceptable and TOAST collaborate on progressive product and purchasing capability improvements
Wiggle transformed their product management capabilities with the help of Conceptable and recommended technology.
DCK Group works closely with Conceptable on process and technology improvements
Rapha have been using recommended systems and processes in sourcing and product development teams for over 10 years
Margaret Howell has adopted Cloud based PLM and updated processes in collaboration with Conceptable
Temperley London is a Conceptable client

Featured: Six Reasons to Re-Align Your Fashion Brand Strategy Regularly.

As a fashion industry professional, you will understand how essential it is for each and every one of your teams to be working toward the same goals. However, if different teams within your company are no longer going in the same direction, it can create a variety of challenges that eventually harm your company objectives.


If you find yourself in this situation, it may be time to re-evaluate realign your concept, brand, and product approach. This can support you in clarifying your target market and brand values, better positioning your business in the market, adapting to changes, improving efficiency, and developing a more coherent and successful strategy to achieving your commercial goals.


Here are six reasons why a fashion firm’s concept, brand, and product strategy may need to be re-aligned:

  1. If a fashion brand has lost sight of its target market or brand identity, it may need to re-align its concept, brand, and product strategy.
  2. These strategies may also need to be re-aligned if a fashion brand’s target market has altered or evolved.
  3. If a fashion business is failing to differentiate itself from competitors, it may be necessary to re-align its strategies.
  4. Re-aligning these strategies can also benefit a fashion company in responding to market changes, such as changes in buyer preferences or the emergence of new competitors.
  5. If a fashion brand is having problems with its supply chain or production capabilities, it may need to re-align its strategies.
  6. Finally, if different teams within the company are no longer heading in the same direction, a fashion brand may need to re-align its strategies.


You can get your business back on track and set it up for long-term success by assessing and re-aligning your concept, brand, and product strategy.

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“We have helped so many fashion businesses to make incredible progress.

However, we all know there is still so much more to do to improve the industry.
Let our team guide you as you create positive change for your shareholders and people. Start by asking us about our transformative consultancy and mentoring services.”

Ben Muis - Transformation Consultant and Director

Start transforming your fashion business with our expert help and guidance.

Focus on what you need or simply get a clear picture of your business’ Directional, Operational, Commercial, and Sustainability status.

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