Guidance, mentoring and consultancy for a better fashion industry.

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When you realise that the Next Stage needs a New Level.

Your business success is too important to leave to chance. If you are looking for extra guidance and support as you reach new stages or challenges, the Conceptable fashion business consultants can share over 20 years of experience in fashion, sports and lifestyle products.


Our clients greatly vary across the industry. Very large retailers are flanked by growing brands and modern manufacturers.


No matter the size or age of your brand, we will listen, take what we know and make customised suggestions for your business, providing solutions as bespoke as you are. Our consultancy services or D.O.C.S. review will help you save money, speed up your processes, win more customers and give you a vital edge over your competitors.


Our team of business consultants have experience across the fashion and sporting goods industries. Whether you need help getting a new product to market, to reviewing your existing supply chain, we have the expertise you need to push through to the next level.

Helping fashion businesses improve and reach a new level.

Client Projects Completed
Client Retail Locations
Focused Services
Mentored or Coached

Experience, insight, purpose and drive are absolutely Key in successful consultancy projects.

Your industry moves quickly in all sorts of directions. We know. The speciality of our experts is working with fashion, sportswear, footwear and lifestyle businesses on their improvements and continued success.


You might just be start out with a new business segment or may need support to bring your established business to the next level. The Conceptable team is here to help.


Our home is in the fashion industry, working with a wide range of global and national brands and retailers. Our fashion business consultants and mentors take that experience and apply it to your business, in a structured way.


Whether you need support getting started, help to optimise your supply chain or assistance in launching a new product – let us provide the skill set and experience you need.


Our consultancy services or D.O.C.S. review will help you make improvements, save money, speed up your processes, delight your customers or give you that vital edge over your competitors.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Concept, Brand and Product Strategy
Revitalize your fashion business with expert concept, branding and product strategy services.

Product Development Strategy
Aligned product development strategy guidance to overcome challenges and achieve goals.

Commercial Development Strategy
Improve your commercial strategy, tailored to reach aspirational targets.

Process & Change Management
Detailed direction to navigate business and technology changes with better outcomes.

Supply Chain & Production Strategy
Streamline your fashion supply chain and production with expert guidance.

Strategic Sustainability Evolution
Complexities made simple: Navigating sustainability steps for fashion businesses.

Technology Solution Strategy
Revolutionize your fashion business with our expert technology change expertise.

Your Business D.O.C.S. Review
Reveal your fashion business strengths and weaknesses with our D.O.C.S. review.

Let your business experience the real benefits of mentoring and coaching.

Fashion or apparel industry specific mentoring can be particularly helpful to those in key, challenging positions or those entering a period of building or growth.


Statistically mentored businesses are far more likely to succeed in the long run, which is why professional mentoring has often also become a key requirement when loans or investments are issued.


In addition, mentoring can be particularly beneficial at challenging times, when a confidential outside view and independent guidance can help you to make the right decisions.


During the mentoring process it is important that your mentor helps you to see beyond what is occupying you today. To find a path, to the future shape of your business. We have that experience, working with a wide range of growing and established brands. Our consultants and mentors are able to apply this experience to help you improve and progress your business to its next level.


Find out more about mentoring opportunities in the links below, or take the next step and contact us for an introduction discussion.

Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and Coaching

One-to-One Sessions
Founders and directors in charge of their own business can dive deep into their potential with personal mentoring.

Corporate Mentoring and Coaching
Your key people deserve coaching as they evolve in roles, tackle challenges or look for growth and improvements.

Workshops & Seminars
Well-structured and thought-provoking workshops are ideal to teach, discuss, decide or simply develop teams together.

“We have helped so many fashion businesses to make incredible progress.

However, we all know there is still so much more to do to improve the industry.
Let our fashion business consultants guide you as you create positive change for your shareholders and people. Start by sharing with us why you are considering our transformative consultancy and mentoring services.”

Ben Muis - Transformation Consultant and Director

Our fashion business consultants work with a variety of great clients.

Here are just some examples:

Belstaff is a Conceptable fashion business transformation client
River Island is actively progressing its development, buying and production capabilities with support from Conceptable
The OKA product and technology teams have been supported throughout their growth
Conceptable and TOAST collaborate on progressive product and purchasing capability improvements
Wiggle transformed their product management capabilities with the help of Conceptable and recommended technology.
DCK Group works closely with Conceptable on process and technology improvements
Rapha have been using recommended systems and processes in sourcing and product development teams for over 10 years
Margaret Howell has adopted Cloud based PLM and updated processes in collaboration with Conceptable
Temperley London is a Conceptable client

Start transforming your fashion business with our expert help and guidance.

Focus on what you need or simply get a clear picture of your business’ Directional, Operational, Commercial, and Sustainability status.

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