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Remembering Ten Years Since The Bangladesh Rana Plaza Disaster

garment manufacturing ethical sourcing working conditions
On April 24, 2013, the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed, killing 1,134 and injuring over 2,500 people. The structure housed clothing factories, a bank, and several shops. This horrific incident sparked widespread protests and calls for improved working conditions and safety regulations.   The disaster brought much-needed attention to Bangladesh's garment factories' poor working conditions and a lack of safety regulations. Protests that followed aimed...

15 ways to increase the profitability of your fashion brand this year

grow your fashion brand profits
If you keep up with the news, you might think that the curtains are coming down on both fashion brands and the retailers who stock them. The constant barrage of articles about closing retail stores or bankrupt brands, and dare I say it, the consequences of Brexit and the pandemic, are stimulating a high level of negativity.   However, there are success stories, as well as...

The challenges and opportunities of moving fashion: from fast to sustainable

is the speed of fast fashion the real problem
Is Fast Fashion really the problem child the industry thinks it is? In recent years, fast fashion has become viewed as a problematic sub-sector of the industry, with its impact felt on both the environment and segments of the economy.   The meteoric rise of fast fashion can be attributed to an extraordinarily complex set of factors, including globalization, advancements in technology, government policies, and consumer behaviour....

Fast Fashion Sustainability: Supply Management Magazine Interview with Ben Muis

a one pound bikini offer created a wave of sustainability concerns
Charlie Hart interviews Ben Muis on the impact of Fast Fashion for Supply Management Magazine “Putting some more sustainable or less damaging components or fabrics in the collection falls far short of the real-world requirements.” Sustainability, fast fashion, economics, rules and laws… all very important factors in the fashion industry of today. With more and more requests from media and business coming our way it is...

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Belstaff is a Conceptable fashion business transformation client
River Island is actively progressing its development, buying and production capabilities with support from Conceptable
The OKA product and technology teams have been supported throughout their growth
Conceptable and TOAST collaborate on progressive product and purchasing capability improvements
Wiggle transformed their product management capabilities with the help of Conceptable and recommended technology.
DCK Group works closely with Conceptable on process and technology improvements
Rapha have been using recommended systems and processes in sourcing and product development teams for over 10 years
Margaret Howell has adopted Cloud based PLM and updated processes in collaboration with Conceptable
Temperley London is a Conceptable client