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Product Management in the Home Furnishings Sector – Research

Thank you for participating. Please help our article research by answering the questions below and submit them when you are done.

Approximately how many new products do you launch per calendar year?

How many people would be working on product development or sourcing related activities within your business?

How many suppliers do these people work with approximately?

What is the average time taken (in months) for a typical product to go from the start of development to being available in store?

Do you feel that more advanced technology would help you to manage your project processes better?

What would you say is the biggest challenge for your product teams?

How efficient would you say your product development and purchasing process is for your suppliers?

Does your business use a dedicated system to manage product development and sourcing?

If Yes, what is the name of the system?

If Yes, how long has your business used this system?

If yes, on a scale of 1 – 10, how much do you feel it has improved your team's ability to perform?

If no, what do you use instead to manage product development and sourcing?

Does your business sell directly to consumers?

If Yes, does your business have its own physical stores?

If Yes, how many stores does your business have?

If Yes, In how many countries are these stores based?

Do you have your own e-commerce site(s)?

Do you sell to consumers via marketplaces?

E.g. Amazon / Ebay / Asos / Zalando

Does your business sell to retailers / wholesale accounts?

If Yes, Approximately, in how many countries?

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