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Corporate Mentoring and Coaching for Fashion Related Businesses

Interactive sessions aimed at Fashion related industry professionals

Corporate Mentoring & Coaching

Product Design and Development Consultancy

We started our mentoring programmes in 2012 to supplement our existing value in consultancy. Since then we have mentored founders, director, heads of divisions and departments as well as senior managers across fashion, sportswear, jewellery, accessories and homeware businesses.

The value of mentoring becomes apparent very quickly through confidence, decision making, handling of challenges or situations and of course results.

The situations mentees are up against vary greatly, from a founder who needs a sounding board and some insight to support expansion plans to first time heads of departments who want to be able to speak to someone with experience while they find their way and settle into their role.

The great thing about mentoring is that the brainstorming, conversations, discussions and actions suggested by the mentee during the sessions are not only taken away for that instant but have a long lasting effect. Long term habits formed as a result of structured mentoring can benefit the mentee and the business for years to come.

Our mentors have significant experience and insight, are good listeners and are happy to share knowledge. Mentoring can be topic specific or more general, depending on what we agree.

Working on your own ability, decision making and insight is a great way to build an important asset to your business. By duplicating that effort for key members of your management team you can help them to perform and direct your business to a higher level of achievement.

If you are interested in making use of mentoring sessions part of your development, we invite you contact us.

Not everyone needs the same approach

Mentoring can help your business

You may be considering to work with a mentor or coach for yourself instead it might be for one of your key staff members. Either way, there are a few different approaches outlined below which might help you to decide how to start.

Single Session

A single session is usually a good way to address one or two specific points that need a decision from the mentee.

In this case a session is usually 90 minutes and has as the goal to give the mentee the insight and confidence to make the decisions or take the actions needed to progress.

Series of Sessions

Mentees often opt for longer term guidance. There is a good reason for that. Businesses evolve and the people we mentor play a role in that evolution. Typically we start the journey with 90 minute sessions every 3-6 weeks, which can go down to 60 minute sessions as time progresses.

Sometimes an intense start is needed. We look at that together and may decide to do sessions more frequently.

Group Mentoring

Group mentoring workshops are ideal if you are looking for the guidance of a team. This could be on a specific topic that will benefit their development or to help them prepare for upcoming changes for instance.

Workshops by Conceptable specialists can be run on-site, in our office or online.

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    Our main office is in Bloomsbury, near both Holborn and Tottenham Court Road station. Ideal for the Central, Piccadilly, Northern and Elizabeth lines. We also have hubs at Liverpool Street, Kings Cross/St. Pancrass and Paddington railway stations and can usually be flexible, meeting in any of these locations.

    Visits are by appointment only. Other meeting locations are of course possible on request.

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