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December Giving Countdown – Helping the Homeless with the Salvation Army

Why we chose the World Land Trust to start our December Giving Count Down

December Giving Count Down - Jungle Protection and Sustainability with the World Land Trust

Helping the homeless with the salvation army - Conceptable December Giving
Salvation Army volunteer giving support
Image source: The Salvation Army UK

Homelessness is an extremely tough situation to face. If you are not able to come up with solutions to your predicament in the first few days, it is increasingly difficult to get out of.

Being offered a safe, warm and secure place to stay where you can rest, think and talk without needing to worry about your immediate survival can make all the difference.

We all see rough sleepers and people asking for food or money on our way to or from work or while we are Christmas shopping.

Many of us are not really sure if the people we see asking for money are genuinely homeless and, consequently, most of us don’t stop to give or ask if we can help. Even if you want to stop and do something it is quite normal to feel that you are not equipped or knowledgeable enough to really help.

Advert, on the brick facade of a London Building for The Salvation Army, a charitable organisation founded in the East End in 1865, to provide shelter for the homeless.

The Salvation Army Charity was set up in 1865

The Salvation Army provides support and services to homeless people throughout the year.

They do have the expertise and drive to make a real difference. From taking people into their buildings to provide food and shelter on a cold day, to sitting down with them the following day to figure out if they can help them to get out of their situation permanently.

The admirable work they do gives more people the chance to get back on their feet. Sometimes you need experts who really care to achieve a real change. We feel that the Salvation Army are those caring experts.

Helping homeless people into a safe environment where they can also get help to find a way out of their situation is a crucial part of what the Salvation Army offers.

We are really pleased to have been able to support their services this year and hope that our donation will make a real difference to those people who need it most.

The Salvation Army does not just need help at this time of year. If the issue of homelessness is something you also want to help address, we encourage you to check out this page and see if you can help in any way.

If you want to see what a difference a donation can make, check out Dan’s story.

We will be back tomorrow with our final day of giving before we break up for the holiday period. We are trying to make the countdown to Christmas count as much as we can…

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