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Creative Fashion Entrepreneurs use Mentoring from FASHIONbasecamp

Creative Fashion Entrepreneurs use Mentoring from FASHIONbasecamp

Conceptable's start-up support mentoring and events popular amongst starters.

Mentoring at FASHIONbasecamp - a Conceptable service for startups
Conceptable FASHIONbasecamp for starting fashion entrepreneurs - mentoring

Most fashion graduates and entrepreneurs go into the industry due to their love of fashion and creativity. Yet the business side can seem a million miles away from the creative fashion world you thought you were entering. It’s extremely rare for people to be creative and businesses-minded naturally; in most cases, you either fall into one category or the other.

The world of fashion is extremely competitive. With new and enthusiastic graduates being thrust into the industry every year, it can be extremely hard to stand out from the extensive competition. Arming yourself with a good knowledge of how the fashion business actually operates is one of the best ways you can future-proof and give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding in the expansive industry.

Running a business is not easy by any means. It takes time, effort, knowledge, a network, experience… And despite many courses offering placements and industry time, most fresh graduates or creative geniuses do not possess the experience needed to become profitable in the highly competitive fashion world.

Business practices in the fashion industry are not something that can simply be learned overnight from a book or a blog. More often than not success is achieved because there was an experienced hand to guide you and keep you on the right path as you make your ideas a reality.

Turning your ideas into a real business

Fashion courses and degrees are perfect for learning the principles, finding individual style and for bringing out the creative flair nestled inside a person. However, most fashion courses don’t cover the practical ins and outs of business to a level that will allow you to thrive outside of a learning environment. As such, if you are looking into starting up your own clothing line or fashion-oriented business, business advice and fashion industry specific mentoring may well be what makes your journey after education possible.

It can be a hard balancing act to nail both the creative and business aspects in the fast-paced fashion sector – especially when you are still learning on the job. The majority of successful designers work closely with one or more trusted business person who is there to give them professional advice based on many years’ experience and knowledge about the sector. But when you first start out, they can be hard to come across.

FASHIONbasecamp is designed specifically for creative fashion entrepreneurs. Our mentors can draw on many years of experience in the fashion industry. Combine that with our continuous exposure to new business and concepts in our consultancy and you will understand why we know what it takes to succeed. So if you’re alive with a passion for fashion yet are still developing your business flair, then we are here to help you turn your ideas and talent into a successful endeavour.

For more information about mentoring or upcoming FASHIONbasecamp events contact Conceptable.

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