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Concept and Vision Consultancy from Conceptable

Finding the Essence of it all

Concept & Vision

We have expertise in finding and clarifying the big picture with you, whether it still needs to be created or it has got lost over time. Bringing that clarity and direction to your concept and organisation can bring about an almost miraculous step-change, where many decisions become obvious and positive effects can be felt throughout departments across the business.

Bringing emotion, consistently and perfectly

Brand Direction &

Amazing brands typically have something in common: they know what they stand for, who they are for and why they make a difference to their customers.

In essence the brand is not only the lifeblood of the business but also what pumps through the vanes of the products you create and sell now and in the future.

Brand Direction and Alignment Consultancy Conceptable

Better ways to run the Product Management process

Product Design &

We have all seen the issues. The product does not match the brand identity and customers get confused. The product does not stand up to the perceived quality levels and customers get disappointed. The product does not evolve or bring enough newness and customers get bored.

It is crucial to any business that their product bring that perfect balance to their customers where…

Continued success needs a strategic and structured backbone

Supply Chain &

At some point we are forced to face the unavoidable fact: if your sourcing strategy is not aligned with your current and future needs you are more likely to be fire-fighting and less likely to succeed.

The review of your production, sourcing or supply chain methods and effectiveness can be the single most important thing you can do for your business. The profitability and ability to…

Supply Chain and Production Consultancy Conceptable
Sales and Expansion Consultancy

Opportunity. New growth can be empowering.

Sales Channels &

Wholesale, own retail, ecommerce, concession, consignment, licensing, brick & mortar, online, marketplaces, export, distribution, agents… the list goes on.

Setting an effective expansion strategy, fixing failed strategies or responding to opportunities in a way that is good for the long term future of your business involves so many considerations that it is no wonder we are asked for help. In this rapidly changing commercial climate…

Changing the way we think & act together

Sustainability &

We have been advocating it for many years and the world is slowly waking up. The conversations around sustainability, product and raw material choices have fortunately started to come with a momentum that was lacking for many years.

Our view on this crucial topic has evolved but has not changed dramatically over the last few decades. Fashion and sports related products and…

Sustainability Consultancy for the Fashion, Sports and Leisure goods industry
Business Technology for Fashion, Sports and Leisure brands and companies

Choosing the right tools to achieve your goals

B2B & B2C

The technological capabilities available to our industry are already amazing. The speed at which they change and grow even more so.

Choosing new technology for your business should always aim to have a real and positive impact, whether it is to help your teams produce more and better products, to track your supply chain, to better run your…

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    Our main office is in Bloomsbury, near both Holborn and Tottenham Court Road station. Ideal for the Central, Piccadilly, Northern and Elizabeth lines. We also have hubs at Liverpool Street, Kings Cross/St. Pancrass and Paddington railway stations and can usually be flexible, meeting in any of these locations.

    Visits are by appointment only. Other meeting locations are of course possible on request.

    Some of the things we talk about...

    Blog & News

    Ben Muis 9th September 2022
    Queen Elizabeth II, gratitude for a lifetime of service and dedication.

    Queen Elizabeth II, gratitude for a lifetime of service and dedication.

    With sadness, we also learn of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing. It is difficult to put into words how important the role of Her Majesty was to this country and the…

    Ben Muis 17th December 2020
    Bright outfits, fitness classes and warm trousers: Fashion Business Success and Failures in 2020

    Bright outfits, fitness classes and warm trousers: Fashion Business Success and Failures in 2020

    With Christmas around the corner and the UK still in the throes of lockdown, festive eCommerce has won out in comparison to high street shopping. According to research…

    Conceptable Team 27th November 2020
    E-commerce boom & video game catwalks: All change please - The November fashion industry news selection

    E-commerce boom & video game catwalks: All change please - The November fashion industry news selection

    All industries have had to innovate and evolve in light of the pandemic, and the fashion industry has been no exception. The month of November brings massive e-commerce…

    Conceptable Team 1st July 2020

    Product Management in the Home Furnishings Sector - Research

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    The Big Picture:

    Bringing clarity to your business and brand.

    Brand Identity:

    Knowing who you are and who you are for.

    Better Product:

    Combining direction & process to become the best.

    Faster, Leaner:

    Reviewing your sourcing and supply chain strategy.


    Expanding locally and internationally.

    Taking Action:

    A 360 approach to a better business future.

    Better Tools:

    Applying technology for your people & clients, together.


    is caring! Information & Insight from our team.