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Conceptable Business Update: Covid-19 Arrangements

Conceptable Business Update: Covid-19 Arrangements

Cloud based working, client arrangements, fashion and sports business support and temporary change in business terms.

Conceptable are providing online working and meetings with clients in the fashion and sporting goods industries will continue.

First, we hope that all our clients and the wider community are keeping safe and well. Please follow guidance and err on the side of caution where you are unsure what you should or should not do.

As a result of the spread of Covid-19 in the UK our London office is closed until further notice. Our consultants and support team are working from their respective homes / home based offices. We are using our Cloud based systems, video, webinar and conferencing tools to support our clients where needed.

We would like to assure our clients that Conceptable will still be here when this crisis has passed. Our management have ensured that we are able to weather the storm and can continue to provide support and services to those businesses who may find it challenging making decisions during what might appear to be a constant bombardment of information, challenges and changes.

Just this week we have led online sessions with several smaller and larger fashion companies to discuss their routes to short term survival but also to evaluate their medium- and long-term strategies with the goal to not only maintain a good business health but also to prepare for a renewed focus on growth in the hopefully not too distant future.

If you would like to evaluate your next steps in your business before you take them or are in need of strategic advice, we encourage you to reach out to us. A telephone call or online mentoring session can be a great first step to being more secure in your next moves. We specialise in business within the fashion and sporting goods sectors but many of the same principles apply to other product driven industries.

To help our client base deal with their cash flow we are now temporarily providing existing / past clients 2 months interest free credit terms on any consultancy and mentoring invoices that have not yet been raised. New clients can also benefit from this arrangement, subject to acceptance of the assignment and a 20% deposit against any quotes.

In the course of the coming week we will also look at how we can accelerate our FASHIONbasecamp relaunch plans to provide further online support to the small business community within the industry.

The most important thing is of course the health of your team, your family and yourself. Once these are safeguarded it is a good time to start thinking about the future health of your business.

Please take care, and we look forward to us all coming out of this situation in a better than anticipated shape.

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