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Conceptable Announces Dedicated Fashion Technology Arm: Perfit Systems

Conceptable Announces Fashion Technology Arm, Perfit Systems

The new Perfit Systems division improves your business with dedicated technology strategies and systems for the fashion, sports and luxury goods industries

Perfit Systems, Product Systems, Perfected - Technology for Fashion

Today we are pleased to introduce Perfit Systems, the new technology division of Conceptable. Also based in London, its focus is on technology services, systems and implementations to clients based in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the surrounding countries. Like Conceptable, its prime focus is on progressing the fashion, sports, and luxury good industries.

Currently, Perfit is already offering sophisticated technology solutions from two key partners, WFX Cloud PLM and Stockbase Sales Enhancement, both of which have a focus that provides different benefits to companies who create, produce and sell products.

In addition to representing these highly specialized technology solutions, Perfit Systems also offer associated consultancy and training to companies who seek their help in this specialist field. Through workshops, webinars, and in-house training, Perfit will help educate and inform companies on techniques to streamline and optimize their day to day work using technology.


per·​fit | \ ˈpərfə̇t, ˈpärfə̇t, (ˌ)pərˈfēt\
dialectal variant of PERFECT

Definition of perfit by Merriam-Webster Dictionary

How Can Perfit Systems Help My Business?

Choosing new technology for your business can be challenging. You may be looking to help your teams produce better products faster, to track the different stages in your supply chain, or to improve your customers purchasing journey online or in store. At the end of this process you would expect a modern solution that is cost effective to create a real and positive impact on your business.

This is where Perfit Systems can step in to help you. Perfit has the overview of where technology meets commerce and what makes them stand out is that they understand the technical requirements of systems within complicated industries such as fashion, sportswear, footwear and home furnishings.

With a background and support at Conceptable, Perfit Systems has experience working in the fashion, sports and luxury goods industries and have focused on learning the ins and outs of those niches so that they have a full understanding of what can make a business in those sectors more efficient.

The key people at Perfit have industry experience building and leading teams in both branded wholesale and retail environments, with responsibility for developing, sourcing and selling a range of products in a variety of channels. This knowledge combined with an understanding of available technology and capabilities makes Perfit Systems’ very unique approach possible. Our method is essentially a mix of evaluation, matching and implementation of technology, training and information.

What am I Getting from Perfit Systems?

As mentioned, Perfit is already the formal representative and solutions expert in the region of two great technology solutions partners to the fashion and related industries: WFX and Stockbase.

WFX offers Cloud based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Product Data Management (PDM), with a speciality in the fashion, sports, footwear, accessories and homeware industries.

With PLM you are getting a comprehensive centralized overview of everything related to the product lifecycle versus the lighter PDM where you are aiming to achieve a structured and shortened development cycle and visualize product and compliance related data in one globally accessible location.

The innovative Stockbase solution however focuses on increasing sales and smoothing the consumer shopping journey. It creates a bridge between retailer and wholesaler, allowing the former to be able to access the stock of their brand or wholesaler and sell an item (or colour / size combination) despite not having it in stock themselves.

By working with Perfit Systems and allowing them to find the right combination of technology for your business, be it WFX, Stockbase or something else that improves your control and results, you are on the way to seeing real results.


We are confident that any fashion, sports or luxury brand or retailer could benefit from our systems and our guidance. An initial consultation does not cost you anything and can give you a great deal of additional insight.  If you want to have a closer look, contact Rodrigo at Perfit Systems and he will arrange more information, appointments or system demonstrations.

The proof is always in the results from customers who have already experienced a transformation with these solutions so far. These telltale results include the up to 14% increase in sales achieved by Stockbase users and the up to 35% increased speed to market or 300% increase in product development capacity reported by WFX users.

Perfit Systems, Product Systems perfected

The Perfit Systems Philosophy

From the team: “When you choose to work with Perfit Systems you are choosing a partner that highly values the success your business can achieve. It is all about unlocking further potential and enabling your teams to do things they currently cannot do or do ineffectively. In the ethos inherited from Conceptable, we put our client’s business success first and value long term relationships.

We want to help you approach technology systems and process solutions in unique ways that will help your business progress.

We respect your time and your need to have a result that enables your business to perform. Businesses of different sizes have different budgets and we will work with you to find a solution that respects your budget. Our goal is to make the transition to new systems a success. With a smooth process, in-house or online training, webinars and several other hands on resources. This personal education is as important to us as it is important to you and the success of your business.”

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With Stockbase you can sell what you don’t have in stock. Either online or in-store.

How to Get Started with Perfit Systems

If you are looking for a high quality, informed and able partner that can advise and help finding the right technology solutions for your business or want more information about WFX Cloud PLM and PDM systems or Stockbase, then contact Perfit Systems today.

We remain linked to Conceptable and as such we could transfer enormous amounts of knowledge into your business. The group’s consultancy offer is aimed at progressing the success, performance, efficiency and sustainability of businesses in the fashion, sports, luxury and related industries.

Contact us today to start the conversation with a first free consultation. We look forward to helping you optimize and grow your business through our technology solutions.

This short video is just one of many examples of a business that is already using WFX Cloud PLM and is getting great results.

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