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Conceptable Announces Fashion Business Technology Arm: Conceptable FBT

Conceptable Announces Fashion Business Technology Arm: Conceptable FBT

The new Conceptable FBT department helps you to improve your fashion business processes and performance with dedicated technology systems for the fashion, sports and luxury goods industries.

Fashion Business Technology - Conceptable Clients Transform their business

Today we are pleased to introduce Conceptable FBT, the new Fashion Business  Technology division of Conceptable. Also based in London, its focus is on technology services, systems and implementations to clients based in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the surrounding countries. Like Conceptable, its prime focus is on progressing the capabilities of clients in the fashion, sports, and luxury good industries.

Currently, Conceptable is already offering sophisticated technology solutions from several key partners, including the segment leader in fashion WFX Cloud PLM and the profit Stockbase Sales Accelerator. These systems provide a variety of significant benefits to companies who create, produce and sell fashion or related products.

In addition to partnering with these highly specialized technology solutions, Conceptable FBT clients also have the benefit of accessing an experienced team for related consultancy and training. Through workshops, webinars, and in-house training, the FBT department will help educate and inform fashion and related companies on techniques to streamline and optimize their day-to-day work using technology.


The crucial tools needed to effectively, efficiently and profitably control and accellerate the processes needed to create, sell and deliver fashion products.

How Can Conceptable FBT Help My Business?

Choosing and implementing new technology for your fashion business can be challenging. You may want to help your teams produce better products faster or track the different stages in your supply chain. Perhaps you are looking to improve your customers purchasing journey online or in store. In the end you would expect to have a modern solution that is cost effective, with the goal to create a real and positive impact on your business.

This is where Conceptable FBT can step in to help you. Conceptable FBT has the overview of where technology meets commerce. What makes us stand out is that we understand the technical requirements of systems as well as the impact on processes and teams within complicated industries such as fashion, sportswear, footwear and home furnishings.

With our extensive background built within the consultancy business, Conceptable FBT is a natural progression of years of evolution. Conceptable already has many years of experience working in the fashion, sports and luxury goods industries and have incorporated the ins and outs of those significant markets into an ability to make a business in those sectors more efficient.

The key people at Conceptable FBT have industry experience, often building and leading teams in branded, wholesale and ever-changing retail environments. This knowledge combined with an understanding technology and its capabilities makes our unique approach possible. Our method applies a mix of evaluation, matching and implementation of technology, training and information which is geared towards achieving the ultimate match for our clients. It is the outcome that counts.

Why would you work with Conceptable FBT to chart your Fashion Business Technology needs?

As mentioned, Conceptable FBT is already the formal representative and solutions expert in the region of two great technology solutions to the fashion and related industries: WFX and Stockbase.

WFX is a leader in Cloud based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for the fashion, sports, footwear, accessories and homeware industries.

With its extensive PLM functionality you get comprehensive and centralised management and overview of everything related to collections and products in one globally accessible location.

The innovative Stockbase solution focuses on increasing e-commerce and in-store sales. It smoothens the customer journey and increases conversions by creating a permanent bridge between the retailer and wholesaler. This allows the retailer to offer products (styles, sizes or colours that may not be in stock any more at the retailer side) to the customer as if it was in stock. In practice the consumer can now order their size or favourite colour there and then, without knowing that the retailer is selling stock from a different location. This approach obviously has already proven to reduce page abandonment and has increased click through conversions significantly.

By working with Conceptable FBT and allowing us to collaborate with you to find the right combination of technology for your business, be it WFX, Stockbase or other systems, you are able to benefit from our insight and focus on results.


We are confident that any fashion, sports or luxury brand or retailer could benefit from our guidance, insight, system partnerships and relationships. An initial consultation does not cost you anything and can give you real and usable benefits.  If you want to have a chat or video call, contact us and we will make arrangements.

The results do speak for themselves. We recommend and partner with system providers who are genuinely good at what they do.  The telltale results include the up to 14% increase in sales achieved by Stockbase users and the up to 35% increased speed to market or more than doubling of product development capacity reported by WFX users.

Obviously as part of one of the more experienced fashion industry specialist consultancies we also work with clients on strategies and changes that do not include or involve the two systems we have partnerships with. As such our team has developed an awareness of which technology providers have a positive impact on the client base and which ones do not. Let us figure out who is right for your business at the size and stage that it is or that it wants to become.

Conceptable FBT - Fashion Business Technology

From the Conceptable FBT team: “When you choose to work with the Conceptable Fashion Business Technology division you are choosing a partner that highly values the success your business can achieve. It is all about transformation, unlocking further potential and enabling your teams to do things they currently cannot do effectively. In the ethos inherited from Conceptable, we put our client’s business success first and understand the value of long term relationships.

We want to help you approach Fashion Business Technology systems and process improvements in ways that will help your business progress.

Fashion businesses of different sizes have different sized budgets. This definitely means that not one size fits all. We are used to this and work with you to find a solution that respects your budget and makes the transition to new systems a success. During the lockdown due to Covid-19 our clients have already experienced how our approach even works well with online tools. A combination of video calls, webinars and virtual workshops has allowed the fashion businesses we work with to initiate the changes and improvements they needed swiftly and smoothly.”

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With Stockbase you can sell what you don’t have in stock. Either online or in-store.

How to Get Started with Conceptable FBT on your Fashion Business Technology Improvement Process

If you are looking for a high quality, informed and able partner that can advise and help to find the right technology solutions for your business we urge you to get in touch today.

Alternatively if you just want more information about the excellent WFX Cloud PLM and PDM systems or Stockbase, complete our simple form below.

Conceptable FBT is an integral part of  Conceptable and as such we typically transfer enormous amounts of knowledge into your business over time. The consultancy offer is aimed at progressing the success, performance, efficiency and sustainability of businesses in the fashion, sports, luxury and related industries and has already helped well over 100 clients fo all sizes to do just that.

Contact us today to start the conversation with a first free online consultation. We look forward to helping you optimize and grow your business through our approach and technology solutions.

This short video is just one of many examples of a business that is already using WFX Cloud PLM and is getting great results.

Sounds interesting? Why not reach out to see how we can evolve the capabilities of your business?

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