The High Risk Habits of the Fashion Industry – Spreadsheet Dependence

‘Why are some fashion companies trying to reduce the frustrations often caused by using so many spreadsheets? It is a good question, an even better one would be – why aren’t they all doing it?’

That’s the question our expert consultant Ben Muis’ asks himself in his latest publication on his personal LinkedIn. He continues the discussion by going into depth about what ‘invest in production’ actually means, and what happens when a business fails to recognise the importance of it. Ben also discuss communication, and how hard it is to keep everyone up to date when using spreadsheets that needs to be sent back and forth through offices, and sometimes even across the globe. The fashion industry and the people working in it are constantly approaching new trends and designs with their mind wide open, but when it comes to design data they want to keep using the traditional spreadsheet system that might be familiar, but that can’t keep up with the international and complex industry fashion is. Real time communication is the key.

If you want to read the full, original article, you can find it here.

The article was also published on, where you can read more about cloud product lifecycle management solutions.

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