Why creative fashion entrepreneurs need business advice

The world of fashion is extremely competitive. With new and enthusiastic graduates being thrust into the industry every year, it can be extremely hard to stand out from the extensive competition. Arming yourself with a good knowledge of how the fashion business actually operates is one of the best ways you can future-proof and give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding in the expansive industry.

Most fashion graduates and entrepreneurs go into the industry due to their love of fashion and creativity. Yet the business side can seem a million miles away from the creative fashion world you thought you were entering. It’s extremely rare for people to be creative and businesses-minded naturally; in most cases, you either fall into one category or the other.

Business advice - Mentoring - FashionRunning a business is not easy by any means. It takes time, effort, knowledge, a network, experience… And despite many courses offering placements and industry time, most fresh graduates or creative geniuses do not possess the experience needed to flourish in the highly competitive fashion world.

Business practices are not something that can simply be learned overnight from a book. The ins and outs of a business are technical and require in-depth knowledge. And more often than not, an experienced hand to guide you and keep you on the right path.

Fashion courses and degrees are perfect for learning the principles, finding individual style and for bringing out the creative flair nestled inside a person. However, most fashion courses don’t cover the practical ins and outs of business that will allow you to thrive outside of a learning environment. And as such, if you are looking into starting up your own clothing line or fashion-oriented business, you should look into getting solid business advice.

Designers are also required to keep on top of trends, foresee arising trends and are tasked with developing new ones. That is a full-time job in itself. It can be a hard balancing act to nail both in the fast-paced fashion sector – especially when you are still learning on the job. The majority of successful designers work closely with a trusted business person who is there to give them professional advice based on many years’ experience and knowledge about the sector. But when you first start out, they can be hard to come across.

FASHIONbasecamp is designed specifically for creative fashion entrepreneurs. Giving expert advice based on many years’ experience in the fashion industry, we know exactly what it takes to succeed. So if you’re alive with a passion for fashion yet are still developing your business flair, then we are here to help you turn your ideas and talent into a successful endeavour.

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Process change in fashion – The need to bring departments together

Many fashion companies suffer from a disjointed structure. The need for process change is apparent but who will take the lead?

Entire departments or divisions have gone on to lead their own lives and the single view a business needs is no longer present.

Changing a scenario like this does not only require a holistic view of the brand or business requirements. It also calls for an approach to process change that can show a win-win scenario to those who participate in the journey to a better future.

Sometimes significant shifts in structure or responsibilities are needed to ensure that the business will show a single face. Not only to the outside world but also to itself. Other times it requires a delicate approach, which shows those involved in the process change the light This can achieve buy-in from those who can make the difference within each team.

Whichever process change approach suits your business, it is paramount that shifts or improvements are planned well and that there is discipline in how these are implemented.

Experience in both change management and the intricacies across a fashion and apparel business are key if the outcome is going to benefit the brand, the people and the company as a whole.

Process change is something that can often get easy backing from a board. It can however be very different within the teams at execution level. I would advise that careful coordination is not a luxury.

Benefit from experience, especially when it comes to departments that cross creative, operational and commercial responsibilities. Process change is serious, but if handled well it can be seriously good for business.

If you think that the separation of your departments or processes has cost the business enough in time and money this might be the right time to call us.