Team structure and processes

As a fashion business, is your team structured in the best way to help you achieve your goals?
Being a business consultancy that specialises in advising and working for the fashion industry, we understand how different departments need to be set up to maximise efficiency, profit and, perhaps most important of all, creative output.

Unlike other business consultancies we take a results driven approach. This means we not only evaluate and report on your team structure and processes. We will also work proactively to make any changes to your team structure, involving you at every step of the way so you can replicate and build upon our work in years to come.

What can Conceptable do for your human resources setup?

Definition of Roles
We are able to evaluate the status of your current roles and the responsibilities aligned to different employees and recommend how different roles can be changed or adapted to better meet the future goals of your fashion company. You may find for example that there are employees who can have better use made of their talents or are capable of taking on more responsibility. We will also advise you on how to support your employees during any structural changes that need to be made.

Restructuring of Teams
Is your fashion business workforce organised in a way that supports their work? Perhaps your fashion business grew quickly and you were fortunately able to take on a lot of new hires but now you need guidance in how to get the optimal use out of your employees? We can advise you on how to structure teams, define levels of seniority and allocate responsibility to maximum effect. For example an employee may be doing a critical role within the company and need the support of their colleagues, whilst other jobs may require less manpower.

Development of Personnel
Workplaces aren’t just a place to earn a living, they’re a melting pot of infinite dreams and ambitions and in the fashion industry – a hard won dream job to many – it is certainly no different. Therefore, it is important to have a clear sense of a career path in place to motivate your employees and make them feel properly valued. Not only are we able to offer consultation on how to implement staff development in a way that is both fair and realistically inline with your finite resources, we can show you the best way to communicate it to your staff as well.

Unfortunately, there are times when companies have to downsize. Sometimes it is to cope with unexpected financial challenges. Other times even a high performing fashion business may have to loose good people to implement processes that will help the rest of the company as a whole. Our team structure service can also help you wit this process, making the objectively helping you determine which team members to hold on to, and who to let go and how to make this process as pain free as possible for all parties involved.

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