As a fashion business consultancy Conceptable are committed to sustainability in fashion and implement ethical fashion choices where possible at all levels of our consultancy work. 

There are many reasons why a fashion business may wish to implement more sustainable policies. You may wish to implement sustainable practices to be more inline with your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy, respond to the values of your customer base, or differentiate yourself from a key competitor. You may be responding to a new or recently updated environmental regulation and wish to know how to respond to it promptly, at minimal cost to your business processes and profits.

Conceptable are a fashion business consultancy that specialises in delivering consultations on sustainability in fashion. By being a niche firm specialising in fashion business consulting, we can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience on the fashion industry which broader ethical consultancies simply can’t provide.

How can we make your Company a Sustainable Fashion Business?

  • We can propose and implement methods to make your sourcing and production process more sustainable, whilst maintaining optimum levels of quality, efficiency and cost.
  • Consulting on steps within your supply chain to ensure they are being utilised to maximum effect, from a business and environmental point of view.
  • Ensure your products and packaging is created using environmentally friendly methods and materials that enhance your ethical fashion credentials.
  • Ensuring you meet regulations in a way that ensures thorough results for your fashion business.
  • Working to promote your ethical fashion credentials internally amongst your team and ensure they are practiced within your company’s premises.
  • We can develop your brand and manage your marketing mix to communicate your sustainable fashion practices to your customers effectively and distinguish you from your competitors.

Conceptable’s Sustainable Fashion Credentials
To us, “sustainability in fashion” isn’t just a buzz word or a passing phase. We have a holistic approach to sustainable fashion, implementing a more green outlook into every step of the consultancy processes. Our philosophy as a sustainability consultancy is to enact the methods proposed by The Natural Step organisation and our team regularly attends courses and seminars on reducing the environmental impact of the fashion process. Our Founder and Executive Consultant Ben Muis has pioneered new, more environmentally friendly textile production processes, so as you can imagine, ethical fashion is a subject very close to our hearts.

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