Sourcing and Production

Our fashion business consultancy can help streamline your fashion sourcing and fashion production processes to maximum effect to compliment your international supply chain.

Do your fashion sourcing and fashion production strategies work in your fashion business’s favour, delivering the best possible results in terms of quality, costs and timings? Would you like to claim control of the means of fashion sourcing and fashion production from your suppliers, to ensure that the process operates to optimal standards for your fashion business? Or maybe you currently run your own fashion sourcing and fashion production methods but wish to maximise the overall contribution they make to the success of your business?.

Conceptable are a niche business consultancy that specialise in working in the business of fashion, so can offer a level of consultation on implementing fashion sourcing and fashion production methods that consultants serving a broader range of businesses, simply don’t have the knowledge to provide. By working with us, you effectively commission an independent review of your fashion business. We will conduct an in depth analysis, followed by a rigorous report into how your fashion business can optimise its fashion sourcing and fashion production processes to make your overall business more manageable, efficient and profitable. What’s more, being a results driven fashion business consultancy, we will proactively work with your team to ensure the right steps are taken to meet these targets.

We can consult on the following areas of fashion sourcing and fashion production

  • We can take an in depth look at your current fashion sources, creating an audit of which ones are worth investing further time and money in, which need to be replaced and which need to be backed up to reduce any risks involved.
  • We can lead the way in helping you to develop and implement strategy to become better engaged with your current sources.
  • Is your fashion production taking place in the right factory, or even in the right country? We have contacts we work closely with based in Turkey, Morocco, Lithuania, China and Hong Kong and can investigate into whether or not you are using the most effective means of fashion production available to you.
  • We can investigate and execute methods that will be ultimately cost and time effective for your fashion business for years to come.
  • We also offer sustainable consultancy services to add to your ethical fashion credentials.

What’s more, although our consultants will lead the way in any change to your fashion sourcing and fashion production set up, we will include your team in each step of the way, in order to allow them to continue and build upon our methods in the long term, making the consultancy process a long term future investment. We also work across departments to ensure that your fashion sourcing and fashion production processes do not work in isolation from your fashion design process.

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