Whether your fashion business is considering embarking on a new fashion licensing strategy, or you want to streamline your existing fashion licenses to protect your brand, Conceptable can implement a process of planning, control and monitoring to do so.

For a recognised business, your fashion licensing strategy can be as important as your brand. As well as helping you grow in terms of revenue, licensing can be a cost effective solution for helping your brand name reach a new or wider segment of target consumers.

However, implementing a successful fashion licensing strategy isn’t just about finding the right licensee. Fashion businesses need to take an active approach to their fashion licensing strategy, involving strong processes of fashion licensing planning, control and monitoring.

That’s where we come in. Being a business consultancy that specialises in the fashion industry, we offer fashion licensing consultation that takes into account the sophisticated part that design and product play in creating and implementing a successful fashion licensing process.

Fashion Specific Licensing Consultations: what can we offer?

  • Help implementing a new fashion licensing strategy: We understand that to the customer, the fashion license should be invisible. We can help you sourcing cost effective licensees that will not compromise on the quality of product or sophistication of design your customers have come to accept.
  • Help restoring your existing fashion licensing strategy: We have previously consulted brands that have hundreds of licenses and upwards, often across international markets. We have helped them to unify their fashion licensing strategy into an effective process to restore their brands and what’s more, setting up effective controls to ensure brand protection, stopping your brand from becoming fractured in the future.

The fashion licensing consultancy we offer can be combined with consultancy on brand protection, brand development and fashion product development, sustainability in fashion and your anti-counterfeiting efforts. We pride ourselves on being a results driven fashion business consultancy. This means we will proactively work with and for your fashion business, to plan, implement and continue a successful fashion licensing strategy, including your team in each step of the way so they can maintain and build upon this process in the future.

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