Anti Counterfeit

Using sophisticated technology, we offer anti-counterfeiting solutions that fight fraud and help protect your revenue.

Counterfeit is a type of fraud that targets the fashion industry in particular. In fact, nearly 70% of all fake branded goods sold globally are fashion and luxury items, or related products. As a result, it is normal for most high value or well known fashion companies to find that 7-10% of the revenue they are entitled to never reaches them. What’s more, having cheap “knock off” goods masquerading as your produce, can damage the brand you and your team have worked so hard to build, in the eyes of your customers.

Unfortunately the trade in counterfeit goods is currently experiencing a dramatic acceleration, growing from $650 billion in 2012 to $1.7 trillion by 2015. With the world becoming ever increasingly globalised, organised criminals becoming more sophisticated and the internet providing them with new channels with which to operate, this is a problem that is sadly, unlikely to go away.

In response then, equally sophisticated anti-counterfeiting solutions for fashion businesses must be implemented, to protect brands and customers from this fraud.

Sophisticated Anti-Counterfeiting Technology for Brand Protection
Conceptable is a consultancy that specialises in helping fashion businesses and those in related industries, develop sophisticated, holistic anti-counterfeit solutions. Being a results driven fashion business consultancy, we won’t just review and report on your existing methods but work hand-in-hand with you to develop and implement a bespoke anti-counterfeit strategy that will give your customers confidence in your brand and your legal team the power, if necessary, to act.

Conceptable are in an ideal position to offer consultancy on anti-counterfeiting solutions. Amongst our team we have years of experience managing brands that operate in international markets, across both wholesale and licensing channels. It goes to say, we have first hand experience of the challenges counterfeit goods bring to fashion companies everyday.

We have our own patented anti-counterfeiting technology, Authicode, interactive software that enables a customer to check if a branded product is a genuine or a fake before they have even purchased it, alerting you if fake goods are discovered. What’s more you can use Authicode’s to monitor for unapproved grey market activity, ensuring that your product lines are only sold by approved reputable channels, enhancing your brand protection and reputation management.

We also specialise in licensee monitoring: ensuring proper royalties are paid to your company for use of your brand or intellectual property.

Conceptable are a Business Consultancy for the fashion market, however we do understand that counterfeit goods fraud sadly affects other types of businesses as and are happy to offer our anti-counterfeit solutions to a wider clientele.

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