Fashion Business Consultancy

Fashion Business Consultancy

What we can offer you

Conceptable are a team of experienced fashion business consultants, who know the UK fashion market and global fashion industry inside out. From brand or product conception, to seeing your collection on the shelves of a retail store, we take a results driven, proactive approach whereby we work with your fashion business every step of the way.

Our fashion industry consultants and interims, led by Ben Muis, are specialists within their field and used to working in an extremely fast paced and global part of the business world, which the fashion industry is. We bring crucial skills and understanding straight into your company, brand or project.

So, what makes us different to other consultancies?

We are results driven
Standard practice for most business consultancies is to observe and report, leaving it up to the client to act upon their suggestions. Conceptable is different, our fashion business consultants don’t just create a strategy; they make it happen. Our fashion business consultancy works with our clients at every step of the way, effectively joining their team to help them implement each stage that is needed to successfully develop your business, allowing your team to learn at each step of the way. We won’t just run the race with you, if needs be, we’ll drag you across the finish line.

We know the business of fashion
You have the creativity and talent, we have the acumen and experience in business management to help you succeed. All of our fashion business consultants are experts in their field. We understand how the UK fashion market and global fashion industry work. Our pace of work is fast to ensure that in a world of ever changing trends we always stay two steps ahead of the game.

Conceptable can work with your fashion business at any stage in the cycle or process: from initial brand or product conception through to fashion sourcing and fashion production, fashion distribution and licensing. By being a niche firm specialising in fashion business consulting, we can bring an expertise to the table, which broader business consultancies simply can’t provide.

A dynamic approach
Many fashion businesses come to Conceptable because they require a change of direction. Maybe they are experiencing rapid growth, need to diversify their product range, or make real effective changes to meet a new challenge in the wider fashion business environment. Our fashion business consultants bring years of experience of fashion business management with them, allowing them to review your current internal and external processes with a fresh pair of eyes and enabling them to react in real time to any hurdles that may come up along the way. This is especially true of our Sustainability in Fashion and Anti Counterfeit services.

What fashion business consulting services can we offer?

Whether you are strengthening your current product range, source base or market position, considering an acquisition, starting a new brand, implementing a sustainability programme, fighting fakes, improve your development processes or building your licensing income: give us a call.

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