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Work with our internationally experienced mentors to take those crucial next steps with confidence

Become part of a select group of entrepreneurs and industry professionals who benefit from having us as their professional Mentor.

Mentors-at-Conceptable-Fashion-IndustryOur motivated mentees are from different stages in their industry. They include startup entrepreneurs who are guided on all aspects they need to run and grow their business as well as owners and seniors from established businesses who may be mentored on how to deal with a next expansion chapter or significant challenge.

Topics vary greatly depending on their own needs and can also include branding, sourcing, product development, new sales channels, licensing and even the many personal or people related challenges they meet along the way.

Our startup mentees are amongst an elite group of startups who are mentored on all aspects of their business by extremely skilled industry mentors, who each have significant experience and contacts that can aid any accepted business to establish itself and grow.

If we consider the many different reasons that our mentees have for seeking our business guidance it is clear that mentoring can help achieve success, solutions and ideas that help them to move their business forward from where they are to where they want to be.


From starting entrepreneur to seasoned professional, we all have challenges and decisions to make

Our clients are typically Fashion, Luxury, Footwear, Accessories, Home, Outdoor and Lifestyle Startups and Professionals.

Mentoring-Success-Conceptable-FashionWithin more established businesses we mentor the senior management, board members or founders on how to deal with next stage development of their business or changes they are going through.

Our startup mentees are amongst an elite group of startups who are mentored on all aspects of their business by extremely skilled industry mentors, who each have significant experience and contacts that can aid any accepted business to grow.

Higher level managers within established businesses can benefit from mentoring particularly if there are significant challenges, if this is the first time that they are in a role at this level or if they have arrived from a company or country where there is a very different corporate culture. This allows for instance newly appointed key people to establish themselves sooner and with more confidence. This benefits the candidate, their team and of course the business in many ways.

Specialist or general one to one sessions are available. If you are not sure yet if mentoring is for you, just continue to read or contact us today.

Business Plan Mentoring

Finance & Investment

Mentoring For Startups

Problem Solving & Decisions

Business Growth Mentoring

Mentoring For You


Your business plan can be the key to not only help to get finance, but to guide you as you progress.

Plan Presentation - Rehearsal Session

A single session to present your business plan and get tips and feedback. This session is ideal if you are going to pitch soon and want to make sure that you practice in front of someone who asks questions and iron out any mistakes. More–>>

Business Plan Review

A 2 session review of your business plan to allow you to process ideas and feedback received in the first sessions. Sense-checks and refines your plan. More–>>

Business Plan Development Guidance

This 4 session series if for those who have not created a finished first version of their plan yet. By having sessions with an experienced mentor you can develop your business plan in stages with valuable guidance. More–>>


Getting it right first time. The invaluable mentoring sessions that guide you to the right start for your new business.

Considerations before starting the business

A 3 session series of startup mentoring to take you through the preparation stages. More–>>

Deciding on the business and staffing structure

A 2 session series of mentoring to guide you in the decision making process. More–>>

Your first sales and production

Working towards you first sales or production is an exciting but also complicated time. Avoid pit-falls and work towards success. More–>>


Mentoring can be extremely valuable if you are looking to expand or develop your business to its next level
Fashion Business Development Mentoring from Conceptable

Brand and Commercial Development Mentoring

We dive deep into your brand positioning and / or your commercial challenges. Profile, segmentation, positioning, sales channels More–>>

International expansion and export

If your brand is going into new markets, whether it is through own sales staff, agents, distributors, partners or licensees More–>>

Your Product Development and Sourcing

A series of custom mentoring covering improvements to your, efficiency, processes, product development, supply chain and sustainability More–>>

Technology Solutions For Your Business

Improving your processes and capabilities through technology improvements. More–>>

Innovation at the core of business

Mentoring on how to create or re-ignite an innovative and creative workplace. More–>>


If you are interested in generating investment for your business a mentor can discuss both preparation and options available
Mentoring for fashion - finance and investment

Loan, Investment or Crowd Funding?

Discuss your product and plans with a mentor and gain an understanding what form of finance may work for your business. More–>>

Corporate Options

Larger business within industries that make physical products, such as fashion, footwear and lifestyle have additional finance options available to them which in some cases can contribute to increased productivity and margin More–>>

Financial help for Starting Businesses

Our experienced mentors can guide you to securing alternative finance such as Startup Loans, trade finance or crowd investments. More–>>


A mentor can be a valuable asset when specific challenges have to be confronted. Ask us about your specific situation.

People or Team Management Challenges

Make better decisions on dealing with people related challenges More–>>

Business Turnaround Decisions

Your mentor will guide you to identify which improvements could make the impact needed for the future success of the business More–>>

Operational Efficiencies

How could your business operate more efficiently? Series of mentoring to go into your current processes and identify which changes can cause significant operational improvements More–>>