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If you are starting, have started or are growing your small fashion business you will love FASHIONbasecamp. With a mix of mentoring sessions, seminars, workshops and special events we do our best to help nurture the fashion entrepreneurs of the future. Join us and help your business to overcome those challenges sooner!

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Conceptable runs a mentoring and coaching programme for business owners, C-level executives, heads of department and senior managers. These highly personal sessions are adapted to serve your particular needs and aim go help you develop, progress through challenges or prepare for particular situations.

We can also deliver group sessions on specific topics or in support of major events like pre- or post-restructuring.

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Global Reach

If you are not within an easy commuting distance of one of our London locations, that is not a problem. We work with international clients and regularly do mentoring sessions and even group sessions or custom webinars using great online tools.

You or your team could benefit from our coaching and insight anywhere in the world. We look forward to receiving your request.

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Once you start the mentoring process, you should find out very quickly if it is right for you. A good match is really important, particularly in start-up mentoring where there are many highly personal choices being made. A trial session is a great way to take a first step towards structured mentoring.

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  • 1st Floor, 10 Bloomsbury Way, London

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Open this location in google maps: 10 Bloomsbury Way, London

Our main office is in Bloomsbury, near both Holborn and Tottenham Court Road station. Ideal for the Central, Piccadilly, Northern and Elizabeth lines. We also have hubs at Liverpool Street, Kings Cross/St. Pancrass and Paddington railway stations and can usually be flexible, meeting in any of these locations.

Visits are by appointment only. Other meeting locations are of course possible on request.

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Blog & News

Ben Muis 14th November 2018
Stockbase opens new UK and Ireland division in collaboration with Conceptable

Stockbase opens new UK and Ireland division in collaboration with Conceptable

Since the establishment of the Dutch company ‘Stockbase’ in 2014 the number of brands, suppliers and retailers that have connected to the company’s services…

Ben Muis 13th November 2018
Creative Fashion Entrepreneurs use Mentoring from FASHIONbasecamp

Creative Fashion Entrepreneurs use Mentoring from FASHIONbasecamp

Most fashion graduates and entrepreneurs go into the industry due to their love of fashion and creativity. Yet the business side can seem a million miles away from…

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