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The brands from the fashion and sporting goods industries behave very differently from the most typical licencing categories. For these brands, the expectations, emotions and collaborations are very much in a world of their own. Understanding what is and is not a good long-term approach can make or break a brand’s future.

With many examples of brands with short lived success in licensing or with a rapidly diminishing value it becomes clearer by the year that a specialist approach is needed to really succeed.

This is why Conceptable is now offering a boutique Licensing Agency service that is not just focused on maximum royalty in a short space of time. We look at the suitability of a partnership, the alignment with strategy, the diversification needed in certain markets and the long-term viability as part of our efforts.

Brands from different industries could find that fashion, sporting goods or home products make natural extensions. Brands from these fashion related sectors could find that new product categories or diversification into other industries can make them multiple times more profitable. Working with us gives you access to the experience from our other services, which can also help you to become a better licensor and positively affect everyone who works with your brand.

If you are looking for a more aligned approach in licensing and would like to discuss the option of us representing your brand it would be great to hear from you. We work internationally and even though we do have a love for British brands we are equally interested in representing great brands from different countries on their journey to licensing success.

Not everyone needs the same approach

Examples of how we can help your business

No two businesses we encounter are at the exact same stage or in directly comparable situations. Our approach is necessarily customised to make sure we get the best result for everyone involved.

What they do have in common is that that they typically are involved in fashion, sportswear, footwear, accessories, homeware or leisure products.

The below three involvement levels may help you to identify what would best help your business.


The first level of assistance we can give is guidance, usually in the form of mentoring, coaching or workshops.

Guidance is most suitable if you are aware that you or your team do have the skills to solve their challenges but may need some direction or affirmation in how to go about it or to get onto the right track.

It is a great way to increase or develop skill sets, either for yourself as a leader or for your team.

Contact us about mentoring, coaching or workshops today.


The second level of assistance we can provide your business is a review. In this swift process we evaluate your current situation and identify where improvements may make the most significant impact and provide guidance and direction in our report for future steps.

A Review is most suitable if you know there is an issue that needs to be resolved but need more detailed confirmation and guidance to get to resolutions.

It is a great way to demonstrate internally and if needed externally how the business could improve and potentially resolve the issues it faces.

Contact us to start a review and get recommendations and guidance for your business.


The third level of assistance we can give is consultancy. This is where we assign one or more experts to actively work with you or your team. Depending on the requirements and goals, the consultancy and team are adapted to make sure they can deliver.

Consultancy is the most suitable option if there are significant skill shortages or lack of resource in relation to the goals that need to be achieved. This could be simply because the result required is beyond of the capabilities of your team or  for instance that there are challenges which need specific attention from someone who has dealt with this before.

Consultancy is flexible and completely adapted to what your business needs, and is always preceded by a detailed discussion to ensure the right alignment.

Contact us about involving Conceptable experts in your business.

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Our main office is in Bloomsbury, near both Holborn and Tottenham Court Road station. Ideal for the Central, Piccadilly, Northern and Elizabeth lines. We also have hubs at Liverpool Street, Kings Cross/St. Pancrass and Paddington railway stations and can usually be flexible, meeting in any of these locations.

Visits are by appointment only. Other meeting locations are of course possible on request.

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