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Progress with knowledge and massive action

Expertise &

Have our seasoned and responsive experts in your corner. Fashion, performance and leisure products businesses of all sizes get guidance, direction, create new opportunities or solve those issues that their teams have not got the time or resources for to solve themselves.

Consultancy for Fashion, Performance and Leisure Brands
Fashion Business Mentoring Fashionbasecamp

Developing through guidance and collaboration

Mentoring &

Our FASHIONbasecamp mentoring & knowledge based approach is great for those who are running or starting a business creating and selling fashion, performance, leisure or similar products. Get guidance in a structure mentoring session or attend an event with our experts.

Expanding your brand and IP internationally

Licensing &

Expanding your brands or concepts into new product categories or territories… an attractive way to grow if it is managed well. Our dynamic approach to licensing and distribution strategies is there to help you get ready and find, evaluate, take or manage local and global opportunities.

Licensing Consultancy, Advice and Agency - Conceptable
Fashion, performance and leisure product consultancy, mentoring and development services for growing businesses

Working together

Picking, Mixing &

With such an array of consultancy topics as well as mentoring and product development services it is very likely we can help your business as it navigates through challenges and towards opportunities. If you are not sure which combination of our services is best to help you achieve your goals, we will happily assess this together with you! We look forward to hearing from you today.

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  • 1st Floor, 10 Bloomsbury Way, London

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Open this location in google maps: 10 Bloomsbury Way, London

Our main office is in Bloomsbury, near both Holborn and Tottenham Court Road station. Ideal for the Central, Piccadilly, Northern and Elizabeth lines. We also have hubs at Liverpool Street, Kings Cross/St. Pancrass and Paddington railway stations and can usually be flexible, meeting in any of these locations.

Visits are by appointment only. Other meeting locations are of course possible on request.

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Blog & News

Ben Muis 14th November 2018
Stockbase opens new UK and Ireland division in collaboration with Conceptable

Stockbase opens new UK and Ireland division in collaboration with Conceptable

Since the establishment of the Dutch company ‘Stockbase’ in 2014 the number of brands, suppliers and retailers that have connected to the company’s services…

Ben Muis 13th November 2018
Creative Fashion Entrepreneurs use Mentoring from FASHIONbasecamp

Creative Fashion Entrepreneurs use Mentoring from FASHIONbasecamp

Most fashion graduates and entrepreneurs go into the industry due to their love of fashion and creativity. Yet the business side can seem a million miles away from…